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My first Vlog! How to create a long exposure in daylight.

#nosmallcreator #firstvlog #longexposure

In May I went to Bangkok, Thailand for 3 days! I couldn't explore there that much because I've been sick in my Apartment for 1 1/2 days. Then, I discovered the place with a TukTuk motorcycle to visit the famous Temple "Wat Saket". Where I captured this video footage.

I bought the Feiyu Tech a2000 gimbal. This is the first test with my new Gimbal. How did you like it?


Promotion Videos

ARCLAS Individual laser engraving on wood and slate. Nico Wiedemann is also a tattoo artist and Lego Trade.

INSTAGRAM @arclas_engrave

The Creators Lounge Footscray Melbourne.

Instagram @thecreatorsgram

A comfy sports lounge in the heart of the west.

LISA SCHILLING - Illustrator and tattoo artist

Instagram @maybe.liz

We filmed a promo video from Lisa Schilling a Illustrator and tattoo artist from Germany. She is specialised in Blackwork and clear Linework.


VIDEOGRAPHy & Cinematography


Camera Operator at New Heights Media


Camera Operator at Apart Productions