Concert online course

It all started when…

I visit a small club “KOMBI Nünchritz“ back in 2007 and there gave me the opportunity to capture there hardcore, punk, metal shows with the house camera.

Then after capturing hundredth of Bands on concerts, festivals and being on tours with them. I want to create a “Concert Online Course”. It’s time to share my knowledge to you and teach other.

Bands: Metallica, Incubus, The Hives, Bury Tomorrow, Thy Art Is Murder, Parkway Drive, Heaven Shall Burns, Limp Bizkit, Rise Against, Dream, On Dreamer, Breakdown Of Sanity, Suicide Silence, Caliban, Guano Apes, Sido, Gestört Aber Geil and way more other bands.

Festivals: With Full Force, Helene Beach Festival, Impericon Festival….

This is an early start and I need your help with questions I will cover in the course for you.

Are you interested to help me with your question or you want to get updated about the course process?

I will show you my photo & video workflow and you will get my editing presets and templates so you see how I work and edit my content.

Talking about camera equipment, pricing, getting in touch with band or get a accreditation and more…

Now, I also need your help and Questions! What do you want to know in this course?

Bury Tomorrow “Black Flame - European Tour 2018“

Bury Tomorrow “Black Flame - European Tour 2018“