BTS GEAR SET I Lightroom Preset Pack (6+6 Presets)

BTS GEAR SET I Preset Pack - Maik Kleinert
6x + 6x Lightroom Presets for you behind the scenes, travel, nature photography.

I've created these Lightroom presets when I edited some behind the scenes photos from a product video.

Made to adjust perfectly to your pictures. The presets will make your Photos more pop and stand out! 

—> 6 Quality Lightroom Presets (behind the scenes, travel, nature)
—> Compatible with Lightroom Mobile & Desktop & Photoshop
—> Professional Edits with a one click

Presets you will get:
*01  forestogear
*02 colddoresto
*03 filmmatoro
*04 filmredtron
*05 lesstosatur
*06 bluelessard

These presets with "no basic" are untouched in 
(White balance, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks)
The reason is because of your own photo exposure.
*01  forestogear-no basic
*02 colddoresto-no basic
*03 filmmatoro-no basic
*04 filmredtron-no basic
*05 lesstosatur-no basic
*06 bluelessard-no basic

Added Information:
Show me your photos with the #MaikKleinertpresets