IMAGEFILM BarBados Karibik an der Elbe


Imagefilm for BarBados - Restaurant, Bar & Catering service

I’ve filmed a Imagevideo for BarBados "Karibik an der Elbe" to show what the Restaurant, Bar & Catering service offers. If you are a Company who’s looking for a Company party with 70 person or you want to have a romantic dinner for two. BarBados in Nünchritz is the place to go.

How you can find the Restaurant BarBados in Germany (Nünchritz)? Here are the link.

Behind the Scenes:

Some behind the scenes photos when I used the FeiyuTech AK4000 gimbal to get the kitchen and room video clips.

Gear bts.jpg

You can also see all my gear at KIT which I’m used for my video production to create these promotion videos.