My main topics on this Blog would be...

Hey Everyone, first of all thank you so much for visiting my new Webpage. How do you like my new Web page?

I would like to hear your feedback about it. Don't be shy to get in touch with me :-)

I really appreciate it. It took for me a while to finish editing my new website. The reason why was I want to create it by myself and also switched from Wordpress to Squarespace which I highly recommend you If you want to save some time for editing your own website and keep it simple to focus more on the content you want to create.

Also, I was thinking about which content I could give away for you guys.


- How to do's

- Posts about my final projects

- Travel tips and experiences

- Experience & Behind the Scenes about my workflow

- Which herbal I use to be on focus and enhancing brain power, improves mood, mental performance, immune and stabilize my blood sugar.

Are you also intrested about this topics or do you have any other things you want to know from me?