10 Steps to get more clients and do what you love with passion.

Step 1: Go to your Friend list at Facebook or Instagram then search for these people there need your help or service

Step 2: ASK for work in to people or companies don’t feel bad about it. ( Not asking for help hurts your work)

Step 3: Send out DM’s or Mails min 10-100… “This is no spam it’s called cold call”

Step 4: No reply on your mails? There are 7.7 Billion people on the world, you certainly only wrote 10 messages right ? 

Step 5: You got a job :-) Congratulation, focus on this on and make you job as good as possible!

Step 6: Give them more value as their want.

Step 7: Share your process, behind the scenes and the finished work on social media

Step 8: Stay in touch with people for more co-work or other projects

Step 9: Repeat this after the Projects or set you a Day in the Week where you reach out to people until clients comes automatically to you

Step 10: Do what you love and want to do ;) Enjoy the process and keep up posting your content!

Maik Kleinert