360 Degree Panorama

360 Degree Panorama images allow you to have interactive experience as you look around the environment. In any case, 360 Degree Panorama is very cool to watch. It can be saved as image formats, also as video format.


360 Degree Panorama photography takes bit longer time than usual photography since it needs many clicks of the location. Many smartphones and cameras have option to take panorama photos, which is taken automatically as you move your phone or camera. Another way, one can take panorama photos by capturing normal photos one after one following 360 degree from one side to another. It’s like circling around on a single spot taking photos from the edge of the previously captured photos. It takes around 20-30 photos (depending on the degree of the movement) for a good 360 Degree Panorama.


There are several ways to create and edit a panorama image. We can discuss about them in brief.


Adding all the photos captured for panorama image, we can use the Photomerge tool of Adobe Photoshop where Spherical Photomerge would likely be the best option. The option Geometric Distortion Correction needs to be applied. There might be color difference between the captured photos. So the layers of the photos are blent based on the content to equalize lighting and color. It could be a wide view of Panorama image.